Digital OOH technology gives advertisers an unparalleled ability to customize ad messages quickly and efficiently.
Digital OOH offers innovative ways to create and amplify consumer interactions through improved service and convenience. With its flexibility and immediacy, digital OOH can help advertisers deliver highly relevant and personalized customer messages. Whether providing real-time or urgent information, or sales and special offers, digital OOH provides a broad platform for advertisers to offer money – and time – saving consumer solutions. Ads can typically begin running the same day the contract is signed.


The flexibility of digital OOH delivers a unique and powerful way to reach a large number of geographically or demographically targeted consumers. Digital OOH can be updated quickly and targeted precisely to desired audiences, faster than broadcast and print media. Copy can be changed as frequently as necessary. This flexibility incurs no production costs, and there are no installation charges for digital OOH ads. Digital OOH can be purchased for periods ranging from days to weeks.


Digital OOH can be updated in real-time responding to consumer needs and more. Digital OOH can drive consumers to websites, and facilitate social media engagement to gain additional information and updates.


Nielsen found 75% of travelers have noticed a digital billboard ad in the past month and 60% have noticed one in the past week. Of the travelers who noticed a digital billboard in the past month, 55% were highly engaged with the ad message. Advertising recall on digital billboards is very high ranging between 74% and 89%, according to Nielsen. Digital billboard ads were judged to stand out better than online ads by 71% of the study respondents, and rated almost equivalent to TV.