OOH Ubiquity

Static, bulletin and printed billboards are available in practically every market and provide high profile visibility.

These billboards allow advertisers of all sizes to compete on the same scale with national brands – making small advertisers BIG!

With Borges Media there are no hidden fees, no additional production or installation costs. Everything is included in the price given per package.

Borges Media is currently working on acquiring additional billboard locations to be added around Stephenville, Dublin, Lingleville and more in 2020.


Bulletins and posters are closest to the point of purchase/transaction giving advertisers the ability to target locations near major retailers.

Well-positioned for domination strategies

Targeted ubiquity allows you to target and own an entire demographic, location, neighborhood, and/or zip code in a local market.


Static, bulletin and printed billboards go where other media can’t. They can’t be delayed, skipped or turned off.


OOH builds reach and frequency within an integrated media plan by reaching consumers away from home. OOH is complementary to other marketing efforts by reinforcing, extending, and supporting other media utilized in an advertising campaign. CPM links to local media plans – making it more efficient (R&F).